Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We're back!

Vanessa and I flew into Taipei at 4:45 this morning, cleared customs and immigration quickly, got into the car Vanessa had arranged to pick us up, and made it home in record time. Things are very windy here - Typhoon Kaemi arrived in Taiwan roughly the same time we did, but a little further south. Our landing was a little precarious - wobbling from side to side and dropping and rising by several metres very suddenly, which made for a lot of white-knuckled passengers, but otherwise everything was fine.

Heh - we even managed to bring a lot of stuff home with us, including boxes of books and two jars of mom's dill pickles. At security check-in in Toronto, the guard wasn't too happy about these mason jars of pickles in my carry-on luggage - only labelled foods (read: store-bought) are normally allowed. I told him that they were my mom's dill pickles and his eyes softened a bit.
"Would you mind eating one now, sir?"
"My pleasure!"
After he heard the crunch of me eating the pickle he looked thoughtful. "My mom makes some pretty good food, too. Ok, you can go."

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Brian David Phillips said...

Welcome home. I guess the customs guy was testing to see if your pickles exploded. - Brian