Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The ones I'll miss...

Life is a little less frantic and stressful without TAITRA, but the last couple of weeks I've been getting e-mails from students who were sorry to see me go. Apparently management at TAITRA didn't sugarcoat my reasons for leaving and told all the students what happened, more or less. The support and positive feedback I've been getting from the students has been amazing and gratifying. Here are just some of the messages I've been getting:
Dear Sir, it's Nora. It's so surprising that you quit. Although you may be still sad or mad (I am not sure...maybe both), could it be possible for you to come back? At least, come back to teach us, Group 1. Our group has discussed and we really want you to come back. Concerning the mean mail, we feel so sorry that it hurt your feelings and even angry at the bad effect, your leaving, done by that darn mail! There are more supportive persons, only there always come out disturbing opinions, instead of good points. I feel regret that I did not express those good point to support you in time. Would you come back? At least, come back for us, Group 1. We do expect your Negotiation & Job Search courses. We deem you a good teacher who always pays much attention to find out our weakness and reminds us of further improvement. During today's Group 1 discussion, we think we all make good progress in Presentation. We support you, we do.
Sincerely, Nora
Don't care about what the crazy person said!! I think most of students of ITI 17th are supporting you. It's really a pity for us. I learned a lot from you, thank you very much for all of your effort. I still hope you could come back.
Take care, Bill Hsu
Hello Anthony, Wie geht es dir? I am quite sad that you won't come back to teach us. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I hope we still have other chance to meet each other in the future. Thank you and take care! My mobile no.: 0952-XXX-XXX
Regards, Tina
I really don't know what to say in situations like this because frankly, it's plain BS. I was totally pissed off which is not an uncommon reaction for me especially for something like this, hehehehe. Just wanted to let you know that Group 1 has asked me to tell you that we miss you very much, and it was a total shame because we're all looking forward to the Job Interview classes as well as Negotiation. God, I am so frustrated because I seriously wanted you to teach those classes. We have your back though it's a little late for all that, but you have our support all the way. You were an amazing teacher because you let us know what we did wrong without any extra-bullshit... Thank you, dude...i hope to see you some time ok..? Hey, fyi, my number is 0960-XXX-XXX. Love ya~
Always, Dee
I'm sorry that you got a terrible mail written by an asshole. I can't believe that we have such a terrible classmate! Anyway, good luck. :)
Dear Anthony, I’m Kate. You wouldn’t know how shocked we were when we heard the news this morning. I don’t know who wrote that stupid letter and its stupid content, but I think it’s really awful to do such a thing. We were looking forward to your Job Hunting and Negotiating class……. It’s a pity for us not having you. >_< Anyway, I just want to tell you that you really taught us a lot. I don’t know what other groups think but I (and most of Group 1) think you are a GREAT teacher. Please don’t feel bad because of that crap. We’ll miss you……(can’t you consider about going back for our class? I mean only for Group 1? Since Group 3 doesn’t care.)

It's nice to get mail like that. It makes me feel that my efforts weren't totally in vain, and that there are still a lot of good, earnest, eager students out there. I'm choosing to remember these good students, and am hoping that the good memories eventually obscure any bad ones.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Blip on the Radar

The day after we did the home pregnancy test, the doctor confirmed V was pregnant, but he couldn't find the baby. Considering how early we discovered the pregnancy, that's not a surprise - the baby was just too small.

However today, just six days later, the doctor found what he was looking for. The baby is where it's supposed to be, and we're relieved. This is the first of many hurdles we need to pass, and so far all is well.

The doctor also presented us with this, our first image of our baby. I'd like to say that this photograph has brought the pregnancy home to me and made it real, but I can't. For all I know this is an image of Chinese MiGs invading our airspace. The doctor has assured me it isn't, so I guess I'll take his word for it, but I'm not closing my mind to the possibility.