Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Taipei's Terminal 2 is a big improvement over Terminal 1, but it still can't compare with major airports in the west. And I'm not sure how well local food is being represented either - gruel and dishes? Mmmm (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound)...

Our flight on Eva was great in that we arrived safely and with all of our bags. It was terrible in terms of food and service though. No individual video monitors, too-small seats, surly service, no magazines, and the meals were really awful. Neither V nor I took more than one bite of the food served, it was that bad. By the time we got to Vancouver, we were both pretty hungry. We had just exited the plane when V said, "I wonder if there's a Tim Horton's here?" It turned out there was, but then V saw an A&W restaurant with poutine on the menu and her mind was made up - we shared an order of poutine and a large root beer. It's funny - she's become more Canadian than me! I wonder when that happened?

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