Friday, March 24, 2006

Reckless Abandon

Life is good. Between our school and my morning job at TAITRA I'm a little too busy, but oh well. Actually, TAITRA is pissing me off somewhat. Most of the students there are great, but some of them are there to get certificates without doing any work. Fine by me, but when a student takes the podium to give a presentation that they took straight of the internet, without even using any of the physical presentation skills I taught, I'm going to have something to say about it. Actually, what I said was "Ok, you don't need to finish. Please take your seat." You'd think I had just slapped them across the face, to see their reactions. It's not a very political move, but to hell with it - I'm not going to tolerate blatant cheating. If they at least went to the effort to be subtle about it! If I were allowed to fail students, I think things would be better - we could set at least some rudimentary standards. The way things stand now, however, if a student pays and shows up for at least the first half of the session, he gets his certificate. ~shrug~ I'm just glad I'm not tied to that place. If my job satisfaction were to be limited to my TAITRA experiences, I'd be be checking out the want ads hourly!

On a more personal note, Vanessa and I have decided to no longer worry about "being careful". We're ready to put our family planning into God's hands and see what happens. I think it's not as daunting a prospect as it once was. V's cycle has all the punctuality of an Italian train, so we've already had a few false alarms. The last time I was faced with the prospect of a possible pregnancy, I realized I was pretty unconcerned, which surprised us both, I think. This got us to thinking that if we want to have kids someday (we do), why not now? Will there be a better time? What are we waiting for? Since we couldn't really think of a good answer to those questions, we decided to let nature take its course. V thinks it'll take a while, but I'm telling her she's not even going to have a bikini summer. She's amused by my confidence in my virility and her fertility, both unproven, but we'll see what happens.