Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Drivers

Well, yesterday, the day after we picked up our new used car, the 95 Chrysler Neon, the fuel pump died. Crumb. More money.

So this afternoon we decided to go for a drive to the coast. We got on the highway and drove down the north-east coast for a bit. It was getting dusk, so we decided to stop along the road and sit on some big rocks overlooking the ocean. We were standing on a monster rock, about the size of a house, when all of a sudden a huge wave hits the rock and completely drenches us with spray. I mean, in one instant we were soaked to the skin. We were never in any danger - the wave was well beneath us, but this one wave had so much force that the spray just went straight up - and then straight down. We looked at each other and started laughing. Our plans for an intimate seafood dinner on the coast were gone - instead we drove straight home in our dripping clothes, showered, changed, and had dinner in Taipei instead. It was a fun day.

Below is a pic of our new car. Well actually it's a pic I found on the internet, but it looks pretty much exactly like ours - same colour of red, same general condition - ie not a scratch on it. It's an American car, so I have some issues with the design of it, and the shocks are so soft it feels like I'm driving a cruise ship, but the air-con is strong, the engine purrs, and it gets better mileage than our VW Jetta did (But not as good as the Honda Civic!) Anyhow, we got it for a song, so I'm pretty pleased.

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