Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Goodbye Xiao Bai!

Well, we've been doing the "buy-a-new-used-car two-step". Our Honda's air con gave up the ghost finally, after months of operating whimsically. We wasted no time in buying a VW Jetta, which is a pretty nice car, except for the fact that it doesn't have power steering, which drives Vanessa nuts. So, we made an offer on a 1995 Chrysler Neon that was for sale in Taoyuan. Hopefully this will do the trick. In the meantime, somebody else has put down a down payment on the Honda Civic, so we'll be unloading that in a few days. I have to say, I'll miss that car. Sure, it wasn't much to look at, but it was reliable, and Vanessa and I had a lot of fun with that car. It even had a name - Xiao Bai, or "Little White". I hope our Chrysler is as much fun, but I doubt it will be. We'll see. Anyway, goodbye, Xiao Bai! And thank you!

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