Wednesday, September 20, 2006

North American English has a new logo!

We've been running our school now for over a year, and business is stable, so we figured it was time to change the school's signage. We officially changed the name from H.P. Jacobsen's English Classrooom (Jiang Haozhe Yinggyu) to North American English (Beimei Yingyu) when we first bought the school, but we kept that information quiet - we didn't want to spook the parents into leaving. A year later, everything is running smoothly. Our word-of-mouth is excellent, and the parents are very relaxed and confident with us, and vice versa.

We went to Randy Bennett, a professional graphic designer living in Taichung, and a friend of Andy Ings, the boss of Lado Management Consultants and one of my good friends in Taiwan. After a couple of weeks of back and forth consultation, we have the following basic designs and a bunch more variations on the theme. Randy can be reached at randybennett(at)hotmail - I highly recommend him.

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andres said...

i'm digging the logo... good stuff