Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Christmas

It was a nice slow weekend. Had a Christmas dinner yesterday at Carnegie's with a bunch of friends - it was nice, but too damn cold for the patio! By the time I got a mouthful of food into me, the wind had already chilled it to the point that it felt like I was eating cold leftovers. That and the fact that I got charged for every cup of coffee I drank, sort of left me feeling cold in more ways than one. Oh well. I've had enough good experiences there that I can surely overlook one less-than-perfect meal.

Vanessa baked muffins today - lemon and poppyseed flavour, and they were really good. I made dinner - pork chops with a mushroom gravy, baked potatos, apple sauce, chicken salad, and hot coffee and muffins for dessert. Not bad, eh?

Today the big news is an 8.9 earthquake and the resulting tsunami waves that have devastated so many areas in Asia. India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, The Maldives, Malaysia, Burma, were all affected... Death and destruction in minutes, without any warning.

Time for a glass of milk and a quick walk for Gustav before bed. Tomorrow it's back to work, but in the morning we're planning on going to the car show at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

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