Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Taipei Car Show

We went to the Taipei Car Show today, and I saw some *very nice* vehicles. The much-praised la mei (hot babes) that share the spotlight with the cars didn't do so much for me though. A couple of them were very cute, but most of them were nothing to write home about. I'll have some pics of the cute ones up in a day or two.

I did find the new car of my dreams, however - the Land Rover Discovery. As soon as I have an extra $3,250,000NT, I'm picking one up.

We were supposed to pick up (and pay for) Vanessa's Christmas bicycle today, but she told me she doesn't want it - at least right now. She'd rather get some (considerably cheaper) camping equipment and use the rest of the money to pay off some bills. I told her to not worry about it, but she says she'd feel guilty if she had such an expensive Christmas gift while our money situation was still tight. I guess if that's what she wants... Me, I'd take the bike!

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