Saturday, November 06, 2010

Wang Shijian (王世堅) and Che Guevara (切·格瓦拉)

Wang Shijian (王世堅) and Che Guevara (切·格瓦拉)
Originally uploaded by Anthony van Dyck

Ok, so it's election time here in Taiwan again, and this DPP candidate has the iconic image of Che and the slogan "G.I. Jian is on the march!"

I'm not sure how much he really knows about Che, or if he really wants to be associated with the guy. He probably just likes the image. I'm sure there are a few politicans who admire Hitler for his moustache as well...


Michael Turton said...

haha. thanks man.

Carlos said...

Che as a symbol has one potential application which would make sense: he was firmly opposed to his region's most powerful country pushing all the others around.