Monday, November 22, 2010

Spider-girl, Spider-girl...

So Trudi has become a big fan of the 1967 Spider-man cartoon series. She's always liked watching YouTube videos (with parental supervision, of course) of sharks, snakes, and spiders, and sometimes clicks on the related videos at the right to see more of the same. Well, after watching some spider videos, she saw the link to the Spider-man theme song cartoon and asked to see more. I downloaded some of the original cartoons for her and she was hooked.

This morning, Vanessa was carrying Izzi into the bedroom for a diaper change, but Trudi ran ahead of her, blocking her from entering.
"Wait, I'm Spider-man!", she said, holding up her hand.
"How long do I have to wait?", asks Vanessa.
"Wait one minute", says Trudi.
Trudi enters the room, dramatically looks left and right and then makes a circular motion with her hand. "Ok, you can come in now - I'm making a web!"

How can you not love kids? Something as mundane as a baby sister's diaper change becomes a big adventure with just a little imagination...

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