Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wehrlos und Verlassen

My grandmother passed away at the age of 89 a couple of weeks ago, and Vanessa, Trudi and I flew to Winkler, Manitoba for the funeral.

The whole family was there - all the relatives, and lots of friends and neighbours. The funeral service was good, but one moment stands out in my memory: We had arranged a small chorus of family and friends to sing a couple of hymns, conducted by my father, and while we were singing Grandma's favourite, the German hymn, Wehrlos und Verlassen, Trudi walked up to the front of the church, stood next to her grandfather and started swaying to the music. It was very touching to see the youngest life bidding goodbye to the oldest.

Wehrlos und verlassen sehnt sich
oft mein Herz nach stiller Ruh
doch Du dekkest mit dem Fittich
Deiner Liebe sanft mich zu
Unter Deinem sanften Fittich
Find’ich Frieden, Trost und Ruh
denn Du schirmest mich so freundlich
sch├╝tzest mich und deckst mich zu
Selig sind die’ welche trauen dem Gott

When I’m lonely and defenseless
my heart longs for rest and peace
Then you spread Your wings of caring
with Your love You cover me
Under Your gentle wing
I find peace, solace and rest
For You shield me so kindly
Protect me and console me
Blessed are they who trust in God

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minion said...

I have always loved Wehrlos und Verlassen, but it now has a special meaning for me after seeing Trudi and her grandfather in their beautiful tribute to a great-grandmother. I have watched it over and over again. Thank you for sharing such a poignant moment.