Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Life with Trudi

Every day there's something new. Today, she learned about pain. We took her to the hospital for her Hepatitis B shot, and she cried in a way I had never heard before. What was really sad to watch was her face when this new sensation that was pain registered with her. Up to now, the worst she's known is the discomfort of a dirty diaper, or the hunger pangs that precede her being fed. Today, however, she got stabbed with a tiny piece of metal, and learned what it feels like to hurt. As a father, of course I know this is no big deal, and that inoculations and vaccinations are good for her, but hearing my daughter cry in pain also touched on some other pretty primitive instincts in me. God help the person that ever maliciously inflicts pain on my daughter, because I will not be in a gentle mood.

After we got back from the hospital, she was a little fussy, and V was tired, so I held her for a couple of hours while V got some sleep. She likes my voice, I think, because she doesn't cry when I sing to her. She'll gaze at my face for hours and hours, and scans my face and my eyes all the time. It's pretty cool.

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