Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Back to reality - sort of...

Well, I'm back at work, but once class ends, you can't get me out of the building fast enough! I've got a date with two gorgeous girls that are waiting for me to come home! Woo-hoo! Vanessa is looking lovelier than she ought to - motherhood is definitely agreeing with her so far, no?

Trudi is a lot of fun, so far. When she cries to be fed, her cries are distinctive and plaintive. She's doing the vocal version of "puppy-dog eyes" - and it works! I mean, a few seconds of that and V starts lactating. Intelligent design, indeed. Trudi has a very expressive face, and I love it when her eyes scan my face when I'm talking to her. I know she can't focus very well yet, but she sure knows who I am.

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