Friday, June 23, 2006

Grouchy no more?

The last three weeks I've been constantly tired and irritable. Hacking cough, fatigue, bloodshot eyes, pounding headache, aching joints, sore throat, poor sleep patterns, and depression. As soon as one symptom went away, another one popped up - same song, different malady.

But today I feel better. I didn't cough at all last night, so I'm sure Vanessa will be happy too. The previous night I had a protracted series of coughing fits and she moved back to the bed she had been sleeping in for the last couple of weeks. ~sigh~ I didn't want to infect her with what I've got of course, but I'm not used to sleeping alone anymore. Last night felt better. I slept better with her snuggled up against me, and I didn't cough, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I apologize to anybody I've been pricklish with the last couple of weeks. It wasn't you, it was my crappy health that was making me such a grouch. I resolve to be healthy, happy and productive starting today. ~cough, cough~

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