Monday, October 10, 2005


Yes, it has been another absence of months from my blog. I hope nobody has been abating their breath in anticipation of my next entry! Vanessa and I have been busy as heck with our buxiban - as you may or may not know, we sold our old school and bought a bigger one - bigger in terms of students, at least. We are now running our butts off trying to edumacate 130 students from the elementary school level right up to university. At the same time, I'm working at an almost full-time job (mornings and some afternoons) at the World Trade Centre, teaching bidness English and presentation skills to 60+ young adults every day. The morning job is pretty cool on several levels: I've already spent years teaching those kinds of subjects, so I don't have to spend too much time getting my classes ready, the students, mostly in their twenties and mainly female, are enthusiastic and a lot of fun, the extra money comes in handy, and I get to eat lunch in the World's Tallest Building every day. (Taipei 101 is connected to the WTC by an elevated walkway.)

To be honest, I feel a little stressed. Everything's great when I'm in the classroom (buxiban or morning gig), but at the times in between I've been feeling pretty tense. I'm easily irritated, and my patience (never one of my strong points) has been wearing thin. Oh well. The morning gig won't last forever, I'm guessing. There are constant rumours about making it into a full-time position, which means I'd have to give it up in order to preserve my sanity.

Hmm, so what besides the dreary details of my insignificant life could possibly interest my many readers? (Ha!) Well, this updated version of The Shining made me laugh (thanks Flicka).

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