Monday, February 17, 2003

Bread & Circus

V & I had a very nice dinner last night at La Terrasse. The restaurant was spotlessly clean, very well decorated, and unmistakably French. The French music playing in the background, the beautiful flower arrangments and the overall design of the place made it easy to forget that one was in Asia. I started out with frog legs in a mushroom sauce, which was delicious, and then had the lobster bisque, followed by lamb chops with mustard sauce. V had a wonderful seafood salad, with the lobster bisque and then duck a l'orange. The wine - some French white - was ok, but nothing special. After dinner we sat on the terrace finishing our wine and then moved on to coffee and dessert. Great coffee! It was strong - really strong - but delicious. The food last night was good, but the serving sizes were a little light. Or maybe I've become a glutton, and anything less than a feast leaves me feeling unsatiated...

After dinner we went to see the movie Shanghai Knights, which was ok. Good physical comedy. Owen Wilson cracks me up...

After the movie V and I headed over to Watersheds and had drinks with Rob and Mandy, two good friends of ours. Came home at 2:00 feeling quite tired. We had planned on going to church today, but decided against it in favour of a Sunday morning lie-in.

Today I hope to clean the house because Damien is coming over for dinner and a swim, and maybe I can get around to e-mailing various people who I have neglected.

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